how-I-got-started-on-the-InternetDo you remember the first time you used the Internet? I have trouble remembering since it was so long along and it has become part of my everyday life. What I do remember is the sense of opportunity being able to access more information than any previous human generation; the possibilities were endless.

Fast forward years into the future and what was I doing with this unlimited access to information? My time was spent on research, email, social media and videos; the same thing that the majority of Internet users do.


All of that changed in 2010.

One night while at dinner at Kelsey’s in Newmarket, a friend recommended reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. That one book changed my life by shifting my mindset and setting me on a journey of business and entrepreneurship. The path led me to the Internet where my eyes were opened to the reality that some people weren’t simply passing time “surfing the Net”, they were making money….and good money too!

I started following various personalities online to learn what was possible. It is here that the biggest stumbling block occurred, information overload and not taking action. Some call it paralysis by analysis. There was (and still is) so much information available that the old strategy of learning and then doing no longer works, you must learn while doing. I eventually realized it was time to take action and jumped in by writing an article for InfoBarrel.com.

On July 5, 2011 I made my first one cent on the Internet.

You were expecting a larger number right? It sounds like a negligible amount but I was ecstatic, it was proof that it really was possible. I was the most skeptical person about the entire concept which is why I choose the lowest risk option (at the time) to test whether or not this Internet economy stuff was “real”. Once that tiny piece of proof came in, a whole new world opened in my mind. If I can make one cent, can I make a $1, what about $10 dollars, a $100, a $1000? What is the most effective and efficient way to do this? What methods are others using and how can I learn from them?

I have gone on to learn many new things along the journey since then. The main purpose of SellingZeroesAndOnes is to share that information with you. To pass along the information I have learned, what worked, what didn’t work and the tools and resources I have found helpful.

Enjoy the rest of the site!