I’m Khalid, a guy in his thirties who calls both Canada and Barbados home. I’m a mechanical engineer turned solar entrepreneur and am now creating an online business. My goal for Selling Zeroes and Ones is to inspire and educate anyone on how to start an internet business and be part of the trillion dollar Internet economy.


My story

I used to have a traditional 9 to 5 job. I was working as a designer and later project manager in the solar industry, an industry I am very passionate about. I was content with my life and going through the daily routine until a life-changing dinner in the fall of 2010.

At that dinner I had a conversation with someone I had met before but never had the chance to really talk with. He was a regular guy and we were having a normal conversation until somehow it came up that he owned a rental property. Not only that, he had a plan to expand and purchase even more! That’s when the entire dynamic of the conversation changed as I asked him questions and he answered. I’d never seen someone so fired up and enthusiastic, it was contagious.

Finally I had to ask my most burning question “How did you even get started with all this, what shifted your mindset to think it was even possible?”

His reply was classic and a common response from many entrepreneurs “I read Rich Dad Poor Dad

Reading that one book opened my mind to a whole world of possibilities that I was never even aware of. By seeking out this new type of information in books, blogs and podcasts it meant that I could no longer be content with where I was. Over the years the path has led me to discover entrepreneurship and online business, and the freedom gained through them. I hope to share that same information via this website.

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